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People Cargo Mover

What do metropolises around the world have in common? Experts agree: A traffic time-bomb is approaching. New and meaningful ideas are needed - better still: Visionary ideas with the potential to relieve traffic - and to evade the threatening time-bomb.

An engineer from the department of architecture at the Düsseldorf technical college has had an idea, which is as simple as it is ingenious: A so-called "People Cargo Mover". An intelligent means of transport which, in comparison to the magnetic levitation transport system, has a 90 degree tilted track.

The obvious advantage: In this way a two-lane rail track can be developed. Along both sides, "rolling hanging cabins" slide along. With two or three rows of seats the passenger cabins float laterally beside the concrete rail. Bending and torsion forces are led along the rail via concrete supports into statically fixed foundations on the ground. This clever innovation allows for example, for the rail system to be built along the central reservation of motorways or in otherwise inaccessible areas. This means that construction costs can be substantially reduced – due to the unnecessary or reduced necessity of land purchasing.

The innovative track build and assembly procedure uses a special pulse building method which saves time and money. In the so-called “free-advance building procedure” a specially developed advance building device delivers the pre-built section panels from base stations and fixes them consecutively into prepared, collision proof foundations. The results offer huge advantages: The procedure enables an almost problem-free building procedure. Traffic is barely or only marginally affected.

After the completion of the route, the base stations transform into large master stations. The so-called shuttles approach small and economical interim regional stations. This also saves time and energy as only the light shuttles stop here –fast trains travelling at over 200 km/h - rush straight through. The two only meet up again for passenger exchange at one of the larger main stations.

As the name "People Cargo Mover" suggests, the double-railed suspension railway can also transport goods: Special carriages for containers collect cargo from trucks at logistics loading points and bring them to their destinations. This reduces long-distance road haulage in densely populated areas, protects areas of natural beauty and noticeably relieves traffic on busy and congested roads. Traffic is shifted quite intelligently from the road to the rail.

Is it all just a vision? Of course – but it’s “a good one": The concept of the "People Cargo Mover" is convincing in its clarity and with its notable advantages. It’s only waiting for an exciting practical test. Who knows: Perhaps with this we have a new future export hit which is "made in Germany".

People Cargo Mover

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